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The training programme will enable participants to learn about podcasting and how to create podcasts that explore and discuss issues related to experiences in the criminal justice system, mental health services and other topics that are important to each participant.

Podcasting is creative, involving ideas, imagination, experimentation and development – as such it will have a positive impact on people’s self-esteem and confidence. Podcasting is also a tool for self-expression and empowerment. It gives people a voice, that can be heard far and wide.

With podcasting becoming the fastest growing medium more organisations are adopting the practice to share their vision and learn vital qualitative information. – hospitals, doctors, police, social services, policy makers; our group can use this platform to ask searching questions and get answers.

The podcast 4 change programme is a bespoke package and can be done on a one to one basis or group bookings for morte information please contact us directly. Our contact details are on the contact us page of this presentation


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We specialise in top quality audio recording, Our studio is fully equipped with professional recording equipment, whether you want to record audio podcasts, vocals and much more, the live studio room is fully soundproofed and has a max capacity of 6 people.

When hiring the studio there is always a sound engineer on-site to help with technical support. We have 4K video capability, using Lumix GH5 cameras to record any sessions if you wish.

If you are looking for a space to be creative alone or with friends, with access to full Adobe suite, green screen, music production software, animation software and much more


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Helping our customers increase website visibility via optimisation tools, analysing data to find how to increase your search engine ranking.

Brand awareness

We Believe in Branding with a purpose, we believe that company's brand has to be born from brand values. we use as much information as possible from data, design, user behaviour, and psychology. To Help build a branding  strategy that will last the test of time.


We have a team of content creators that are able to express brand values through social media-targeted campaigns, both organic and paid. We find out the best social channels for your business to generate high value leads

PPC/Google Ads

Using metrics and analytical tools we tailor our campaigns, ensuring the highest quality copy. and content to drive PPC/Google Ads efficiency.

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